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Tata Photon Plans

  • - Plan 6 GB Unlimited @Rs.850
  • - 3 GB @ Rs.650 Unlimited
  • - 4 GB @Rs.750 Unlimited
  • - Special Plans for bulk deals

Tata Docomo

  • - : : Hottest Offer : :
  • - Tata Docomo Rs.899 Unlimtied Plan
  • - Call us for latest deals and offers!

Special Offer

  • - Device Free offer on Advance Rentals
  • - Move to Tata Photon from existing datacard & get benefits worth Rs.2100
  • - Customized Packages for Corporate and SME Clients

Photon Max

  • - Double the speed of Photon Plus
  • - Speed up to 6.2 Mbps


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Tata Docomo Hyderabad


Tata Docomo


Tata Docomo Hyderabad addresses the communications challenges of today’s fast paced world. Offering the fastest wireline and wireless Internet services, Tata Docomo in Hyderabad has gained the reputation among customers who value speed and reliability as the most important in their Internet connection.


Latest offerings from Tata Docomo Hyderabad include Tata Photon, Tata Walky and Tata Sky. These services are divided into different packages to suit the needs of different types of customers. Tata Photon Pro from Tata Docomo, for example, is the high-speed wireline broadband connectivity that offers speed up to 18 Mbps. With this service, Tata Docomo has become the first service provider to offer a broadband speed of 18 Mbps.


Another important offering from Tata Docomo Hyderabad is Photon Plus, the Mobile Broadband service offering high-speed Internet connectivity on mobile devices. The latest service offering from Tata is Photon TV, which enables live streaming of TV content to your laptop or desktop using Photon Plus. A revolutionary service from the industry leader, Tata Photon TV is set to redefine the way Indians watch TV including their favorite live cricket matches, movies and more.


Tata Docomo in Hyderabad also offers Tata Photon Whiz service, which enables Tata customers to stay ahead of the communications revolution with the help of a Vdata card and a wireless modem. Tata Photon Whiz offers a three-in-one functionality: it offers a wireless network connection, a mobile phone and a modem.


Services from Tata Docomo Hyderabad are marked by the best service level agreements (SLAs), high quality of service (QoS), and 24x7 customer support. Internet services from Tata in Hyderabad are offered through world’s leading communications network owned and operated by industry giant Tata Group. The robust network is managed and protected by industry-best technology and professionals. The service ensures unmatched quality and reliability offered in the industry.


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