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Tata Photon Plans

  • - Plan 6 GB Unlimited @Rs.850
  • - 3 GB @ Rs.650 Unlimited
  • - 4 GB @Rs.750 Unlimited
  • - Special Plans for bulk deals

Tata Docomo

  • - : : Hottest Offer : :
  • - Tata Docomo Rs.899 Unlimtied Plan
  • - Call us for latest deals and offers!

Special Offer

  • - Device Free offer on Advance Rentals
  • - Move to Tata Photon from existing datacard & get benefits worth Rs.2100
  • - Customized Packages for Corporate and SME Clients

Photon Max

  • - Double the speed of Photon Plus
  • - Speed up to 6.2 Mbps


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Tata Broadband Internet Hyderabad


Tata Broadband Internet


Experience the freedom of communications through unlimited Internet access offered by Tata Broadband Internet Hyderabad, an authorized dealer of the high-speed Internet services provider Tata Communications that introduced Internet in India. The reliable and affordable Internet connectivity offered by Tata Docomo provides you with the key to unlock the world and enter the world of infinite opportunities.


Tata Broadband Internet Hyderabad offers different broadband packages for customers belonging to different categories. Tata Docomo Broadband 2.0 is the standard package offered to home users as well as enterprise customers. The service is enhanced by a number of advanced features to enable better connectivity and security for home and enterprise network.


With a Tata Broadband Internet in Hyderabad, users are given access to the world of Wi-Fi, global roaming, and a vast array of value added services from the most competent communications service provider in the country. With Tata Docomo Wi-Fi, Tata Broadband Internet Hyderabad customers get access to over 135,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 160 countries.


To make Tata Broadband experience more compelling to users, Tata Broadband Internet service in Hyderabad offers an innovative “Tata Docomo Extra” service. With this, customers can get access to more than 150 services that include global roaming, net telephony, movies, music, education, spirituality, games, business services, and more. A tailor-made package for today’s eclectic customers, Tata Broadband Internet at Hyderabad enables them to move on with the world.


Internet is where the entire world meets. It brings people from across the continents to one screen. Internet makes them feel they are together in their world of communications. To avail this power of Internet, you require the power to access relevant data online – be it photos, music, videos, social networking features, or maps. Tata Broadband Internet Hyderabad provides you with the high-speed broadband connectivity that enhances your communications online. Enjoy the unlimited freedom of communications with Tata Broadband Internet!


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